The Hawk

The raucous shrieking of a bird attracted my attention as I walked across my beautiful college campus. A hawk was under a tree in front of the library, calmly eating a baby bird. The mother bird was darting in and out, trying to drive him off. The hawk took very little notice, only looking up … Continue reading The Hawk


Why Study Theology?

A few months ago I wrote an essay for my grad school application. The topic was essentially why I want to study theology. I was never happy with that essay; I couldn’t manage to pull it together into a coherent paper. In spite of that I was accepted to Beeson Divinity School and will begin … Continue reading Why Study Theology?

The Old Tree

The old tree With broken trunk and twisted gnarled branches hangs on to dead limbs old leaves dried up sweet gum balls. Reaching for the heavens Drinking in Rain and Sunshine; Life. Tiny leaves burst forth Green stars in a bright blue sky. Birds come, singing joyously Flitting about, courting and nesting; Squirrels play chase … Continue reading The Old Tree