Shadows in the Sunrise

Difficult week.
Disappointment clouds hope,
Fear drives out trust,
Failure stares in the face,
Old wounds ache.

Frustration turns molehills into mountains.
Helplessness becomes more real than Sovereign God, Ever Present Help.

Put on the mask,
Pretend it’s all fine,
Do the next thing.

The sun is rising, but shadows reign.



The hummingbird zooms by,
First of the season;
Jewel bright in the early sun,
A reminder that light is the other side of shadow.



Suddenly I can see –
Dark trees, but bright sunlit leaves,
Shadows below, but blue sky and singing birds above.

It was there all along,
invisible in my gloom.

The hummingbird draws my eye.
A glimpse of light pulling me from darkness,
Looking out of shadow and into the sunrise.
Light shining in darkness.
The promise of a new day.
If only I would look.

©Rebecca A Givens, 5/12/18

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