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Peaceful Polemics Online by

I did not set out to link to two Challies articles in two days, these just crossed my path like that.  This article was in this month’s Tabletalk magazine, (a devotional magazine I have been reading for several years… highly recommended).

The basic premise of the article is that with our new technology we can communicate around the globe in an instant of time.  How often do we let fly our immediate (and often irrational) opinion?  We give little thought to how it will come across, and little thought to speaking the truth in love.

This is a good reminder to think before hitting that send button.  To speak, and type, with the strength of truth combined with the softening quality of love.


One thought on “Peaceful Polemics Online

  1. I loved reading your blog. We had an amazing journey. Things are looking up, we all have a great future ahead of us. Just keep looking over the rainbow! Have a great summer!


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