Reflections on IT Literacy/Fluency

As I mentioned in my previous post, the semester, and LS560 in particular, is coming to an end.  As I described the class projects, I thought about how far I have come and how much I have learned.

Learning HTML has helped me on this blog… I understand what I am seeing when I look at the back of it, the HTML tab view, and I can adjust things.  That is cool.  I also have a greater understanding of websites that I am viewing because I know more about what makes them work.  This project also showed me that I am capable of acquiring new tech skills, which proved to be a good thing to remind myself as we moved through the semester.

I have enjoyed having more knowledge about website design, and I see that it has helped me in my other job.  I have been helping my boss (we do background checks) evaluate a new web platform for his business, and also some new vendors.  Again, this is something I have proven I can learn, but really it does not come naturally to me because I am more of a content person rather than a form person.  But form is important when you are trying to communicate something.  Good form, good design, makes the content easier to reach and use.

I am glad I have now helped conduct a simple research survey, I can see that will be useful in my academic career.  I have thanked God nearly every day for my group in this class.  I also enjoyed doing the personality tests we did to help us interact in a group.

While I understand the basics of databases, I was not the one in our group that designed our database (I am not complaining, I’m fine with that!).  Nor did I do the tech tutorial; I mentioned previously I would like to develop that skill.  This class, as in every other class I’ve had as a library student, has given me something new I want to study, and that is a very good thing.  But the class has also shown me that I do not want to pursue this particular field of library studies.  I enjoy knowing how things work, I can see how it is useful, but I don’t want to build these particular things.  I’ve had to look up how to add something to my website as each project was finished.

To sum up, I have definitely improved my IT skills and knowledge.  I am definitely IT literate – I can function well, I can learn new things.  I am not sure where the line is between literacy and fluency.  Maybe in common user areas I am fluent, but in the tech design world, I am not, and frankly, I have confirmed that I don’t want to be.  There are too many other areas of life I would rather explore.  I will leave that area to those gifted with it!



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