Don’t Tweet that Sermon! by Tim Challies

Don’t Tweet that Sermon! by Tim Challies

I have mentioned before how much I’ve appreciated Tim Challies’ writing; in fact I have another article by him that I am planning to post also.  I ran across this one this afternoon, and as usual he got me thinking about technology and how it is changing our everyday lives.  This is a good read.  His second point really struck home with me.  Tweeting a sermon means you think someone else needs to hear it rather than thinking about what God is saying to you in that moment.  How often have I had that thought?  “I sure hope so and so is listening to this,” and inevitably a few minutes later I realize how much it applies to me.  Pride sneaks in all too easily.

His next point is frightening… “tweeting reduces a sermon to its tweetability.”  We as a culture tend to be ADD.  Life moves faster and faster, we are less willing, and even less able, to focus on something for more than a few minutes.  But I personally don’t want a tweet from God, I want an extended conversation.  And I suspect He doesn’t want a tweet of worship from me, He wants an extended period of time that is completely devoted to worshipping Him, and that includes the sermon.

So yeah, I echo Challies’ assessment.  Don’t tweet the sermon.


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