Information Technology Class Projects

The semester is coming to a close.  Allow me to take a moment to tell you about the projects from LS560.  A later blog post will include my personal reflections.

I have learned quite a bit about Information Technology these last few months.

I created a hand tagged website using HTML, starting with nothing but a blank notepad page.  I am a bit proud of that, and will even share it with you: Becky’s First Webpage.  This site includes links to each of the projects completed for LS560.  I found a great resource for learning and using HTML.  W3Schools is a web developer site with tutorials and examples for everything you can imagine.

I also learned about web design, and finally understand why some websites are so easy to navigate and read, and others aren’t.  This web design study moved into the practical realm with a group project to evaluate a website for CommPro, a company that provides real time captioning service for the deaf and hard of hearing community.  We conducted a usability survey to help them in the updating of their website, and I look forward to sending them our results.  They offer a great service and I hope our survey will help them.  You can find a link to the work we did for them on my website listed above.

In the course of that project, I worked with a fabulous group of ladies.  There are so any horror stories about group projects, but really, I had such a great group.  We worked well together, and we balanced each other’s abilities well.  This has been a difficult semester for me in my personal life, and I don’t think I could have managed the last part of our assignment without them.

After the usability study, we were introduced to database design.  A database is kind of a 3D spreadsheet.  We built a simplified database to house client information for CommPro.  I can see how a database like that would be very useful in their business; useful for their clients to be able to access account information and for the business to use for marketing.

The last part of that project would be the most useful tool of the semester for a librarian.  Producing a tutorial.  We chose to teach a beginner how to use Dropbox.  This involved using a program to record the audio instructions and video of actually performing the tasks on the computer screen.  We were also able to add closed captioning to the video.  I really wish this project had been a stand alone project and not a group project, with more time devoted only to it, so that each of us could gain experience using this.  But there was only time for one of our group members to do it while the rest of us did other parts of the project.  Even at that, it was time consuming to get it right.  But think about a library being able to do this for your library’s website!  Tutorials for all kinds of things, easily accessible, what a great skill to have.  Again, there is a link to this on my website.

That wraps up LS560.  Read the next post for my personal reflections…



2 thoughts on “Information Technology Class Projects

  1. Becky, I can’t tell you how awesome it was to work with you guys. Reading your post, I am amazed at how much we did. The Usability Study was so daunting to me- but step by step we got it done. I’m really proud of what we accomplished!


    1. Yep!!! Actually, I felt more confident and like I contributed more to the Usability Study than to the last project… but that may have been my personal life intruding. It was a real blessing working with you guys!


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