Website Design

I can now say I know CRAP.

  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Alignment
  • Proximity

After studying CRAP I looked at one of my favorite new websites to see if I could figure out why I consider it to be so easy to look at and use.

Todoist is a great productivity tool that allows you to create and change your to do list with ease.  You can schedule items for specific days, and to recur at any imaginable interval of time.

The Contrast on todoist is simple white background with black print.  The left side menu is set off with a very light grey background.  The red print makes the overdue items standout, just as the red bullet circle makes the most important items stand out.

Repetition consists of the logo following a red and white theme in the menu bar, and the menu bar repeating on every page.  The format of the entire page stays the same, no matter what page you are looking at.

The Alignment is very easy to read.  The left side menu follows an outline format that is very easy to add to and follow.  The menu side of the page lists the parts of your to do list you would want to choose from first.  The main part of the page is left justified with tags and color coding being right justified, which makes it easy to scan for specific types of items.

Proximity is nice.  The page does not feel crowded at all, the items are spaced so that they are easily distinguished from each other.  It is easy to find whatever you are looking for.

Overall, the website has a nice clean design with no extra information.  My only problem at first was that I felt like I had to hunt for help, there were no instructions anywhere.  But once I figured out where to look, that resolved itself as well, and I realize now it is part of the clean feel of the page.

I personally like the not too dark tint of the black print, which is also a characteristic of this blog style.  Sometimes I get headaches if there is too much stark contrast on the page.

I am a word person, not a picture or design person.  I tend to focus more on the actual content rather than the style of the presentation.  But I am seeing in this assignment that good style of presentation makes me want to keep reading, while bad style might make me want to go somewhere else.  I hope I can implement this into my own work.


4 thoughts on “Website Design

  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I liked your comment about how style affects our reading habits. I agree, except sometimes I think it happens subconsciously.


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