His Thoughts Said… His Father Said

His Thoughts Said… His Father Said…, by Amy Carmichael, Fort Washington, PA: CLC Publications, 1941. 108pp. ISBN 978-0-87508-971-3

I have long been a fan of Amy Carmichael. I read her biography by Elizabeth Elliot years ago (and intend to read it again ASAP), and I remember being amazed by her faith and what God did through her, and wishing I could be like her. Every time I come across a poem by her or reference to her I am sucked in, she speaks to my heart. Two weeks ago I was at the South Eastern Bible College library, giving myself things to search for in the catalog (it’s a library school thing). I knew I had seen some of her books on the shelf, so decided to search for her. This particular book jumped out at me off the screen, and I knew I had to read it. I had been very depressed lately, my thoughts and emotions warring against what I knew to be true, and the title itself struck me as profound.

I found the book on the shelf. It was a small, pocket sized hardback; old and obviously had been donated to the library by someone who read it more than once. I opened it and it felt comfortable in my hand. The entries are short, a paragraph or two long, and take only a moment to read. As I began to read, I realized that these little thoughts could easily have come out of my own journal. I was sucked in and could not stop. I needed to pause to consider what I was reading, but I couldn’t, I was constantly compelled to read the next entry. When I looked up nearly an hour had passed, and I was half way through the book. I realized I had to have this book, I had to finish it and then go back and read it slowly. Amy Carmichael struggled with the same emotions and thoughts that I struggle with, and she processed them with the Word of God. The “thoughts of the son” are the thoughts and fears and emotions we all have as we struggle through this life. The “Words of his Father” are full of scripture references and truth. It was a healing balm for my weary soul. I know quite a few people who will get this book as a gift from me in the next year. Highly recommended!



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