Review: Do More Better

Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity, by Tim ChalliesI joined Tim Challies “10 Days of Productivity Challenge” in January as a kind of jump start to the new year.  It centered around the book Do More Better.  I loved this short book.  Chapter 1 was not about how to get more done, instead it was all about making sure you are doing the most important things.  The point he makes in Chapter 1 is this, “Productivity is effectively stewarding your gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm for the good of others and the glory of God.” (p.16)  I appreciated how this foundational attitude set the tone for the entire book.

This book challenged me to use productivity software tools that I was unfamiliar with.  Challies also did a great job of explaining how to use those tools in a very effective manner, with ideas I would never have come up with on my own.  The Facebook page/support group is also a great resource.  As a result I am now thoroughly hooked on Todoist and Evernote, in addition to Google calendar which I was already using.  I now use these on a daily basis to keep my stupid crazy life of three part time jobs, grad school, personal life, and family under some semblance of order.  I highly recommend it.


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