Believing Tech

Thinking about Change


Tim Challies is an author I am beginning to notice.  This particular article was published in Tabletalk Magazine, January 2016.  In it he traces the history of technology and how rapidly it is changing today.  “We can develop a deep uncertainty about the future.  Whatever we know about our current situation, we know the future will be very different.”  I have to admit the older I get, the less I like change.  Add in the fact that much of the changing technology I see is simply a desire to have the latest and the greatest because everyone else has it, and I find myself very resistant.  But Challies challenges me to go beyond that knee jerk reaction and evaluate technology and its uses with wisdom, to see the usefulness of it as well as the danger.  Like any other tool, technology in and of itself is not morally good or evil, but how it is used can be beneficial or detrimental.  I am not afraid of technology; but when I look at my parents in their late 80’s, I do see fear,  because they simply do not understand it and cannot use it, and they are trapped in a world that is increasingly dependent on it.  Like it or not, we must function in the world of technology.  But we have no reason to fear, for as Challies points out, “We do not know the future, but… we do know the One who holds the future… We know who will bring this world’s history to its beautiful conclusion.”  I trust God with that.


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