Shadows in the Sunrise

Difficult week. Disappointment clouds hope, Fear drives out trust, Failure stares in the face, Old wounds ache. Frustration turns molehills into mountains. Helplessness becomes more real than Sovereign God, Ever Present Help. Put on the mask, Pretend it’s all fine, Do the next thing. Saturday. The sun is rising, but shadows reign.   The hummingbird … Continue reading Shadows in the Sunrise


The Apostles’ Creed

My next great adventure is the MATS (Masters of Arts in Theological Studies) degree at Beeson Divinity School. This is an essay that I wrote for admission:   My earliest childhood memory is standing in church with my grandmother, listening to her recite The Apostles’ Creed with her congregation. I was very small, holding her … Continue reading The Apostles’ Creed

The Old Tree

The old tree With broken trunk and twisted gnarled branches hangs on to dead limbs old leaves dried up sweet gum balls. Reaching for the heavens Drinking in Rain and Sunshine; Life. Tiny leaves burst forth Green stars in a bright blue sky. Birds come, singing joyously Flitting about, courting and nesting; Squirrels play chase … Continue reading The Old Tree