2019, New Year… Evaluations

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I do love new beginnings – so this is time to evaluate my life and remind myself of what is important.  Below are some random notes to get me started, much of it is fleshed out more in my journal (and every time I edit this!) I exist … Continue reading 2019, New Year… Evaluations



I wrote this in 2015, around the time that I moved from my house in Calera to Bluff Park, maybe 7 months after my ex had left. I appear to have never shared it. I found it when I was saving something else I was writing last week. Clearly loneliness has been a recurring theme in my life.  … Continue reading Loneliness

Ferenc Visky: A Short Biography

This is a bit of info about the Visky’s, who I wrote about last week! Check out the rest of Danut’s blog too.


Ferenc Visky (July 1, 1918 – October 5, 2005) was a minister in the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania and a leader of evangelical revival in Romania who spent several years in prison under the Communist rule of that country.

Ferenc Visky (the native form of the name is Visky Ferenc; this page uses the western name order) was born in Egri (Satu Mare county), which at that time was part of Hungary, becoming part of Romania in 1920.

In 1936, he finished secondary school in Satu Mare, and fled across the border into Hungary with his best friend, the poet Sándor Gellért, to study theology at Debrecen University. While still a university student, he came into contact with the Reformed renewal movement associated with the CE (Christian Endeavor) Bethany Association under the direction of Dr. Aladár Szabó.

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The Hawk

The raucous shrieking of a bird attracted my attention as I walked across my beautiful college campus. A hawk was under a tree in front of the library, calmly eating a baby bird. The mother bird was darting in and out, trying to drive him off. The hawk took very little notice, only looking up … Continue reading The Hawk